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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Autumn Is My Favourite

I find it difficult to imagine that anyone's favourite month could be anything other than Autumn. For starters it's that nice in between weather where it's cold enough to wear jumpers and scarves and boots but warm enough to go out an walk among the crisp leaves. Plus you've got so many other things to look forward to. In my life that's mainly Christmas themed drinks in Costa and Starbucks but I can't go through these months without pumpkin carving, Halloween themed food (and clothing), mulled cider mmm, bonfires, fireworks. Because Autumn so nicely blends into Christmas some people think I get way too festive way too early.. I mean as soon as November 1st hits us I want to go to Christmas markets, wear patterned jumpers, eat and drink all the new Christmas themed foods in all the shops.. It's a little obsessive and I may have a problem. But what makes me feel better about the whole thing is that I know that 99% of people are as excited as I am around this season and if everyone's a little insane then that's the definition of normal.

So because of that, I want to share with you a few of my favourite Autumn things:

As I mentioned earlier.. the famous coffee shop Christmas menu. The themed drinks have only been out for 3 days and I have been every single day since. Seriously, if I continue until Christmas like this with an average of £3 a cup, that will leave a huge £159 hole in my bank account. Please send help around day 10. I have tried all the drinks on the menus from Christmas past so my favourites and the ones you need to get your mittens on are the Black Forest Hot Chocolate from Costa and the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks of course. If you're a little obsessed like I am you'll also know Costa have removed the Orange Hot Chocolate from this years menu so RIP.

Bonfire night is one of those weird ones, if you heard tons of loud bangs in June you'd be worried about who's being shot at, especially now it seems to be a regular occurrence. But in November, there's something slightly oddly charming at standing around in a field looking at some explosives making pretty patterns in the sky to the music of Ed Sheeran. Nevertheless it's one of my favourite nights, providing you wrap up warm and grab yourself a hot spiced cider, a cheap burger and a toffee apple from the 14 year old running the food stall.  

Some of you may feel the same as me but have you ever thought about that weird time in between Halloween and Christmas. Once you get past bonfire night you've got at least a month of people complaining its too early for Christmas, then another month of the same people panicking because Christmas is suddenly next week. Every year, we know it's coming, but the majority of us don't do our shopping until it's truly necessary or until the day comes where we announce how Christmassy we feel - which I announce on November 1st like I said haha. I love these two months, everyday something more Christmassy happens and I just feel like the world can't get more Christmas in it.. until the next day.

During these weird in between days I've got my birthday. I love birthdays, whether its my own or someone else's. Every year I plan stuff to do and see, considering I have quite a demanding course it's nice to have something to look forward to. This year I'll be 21, which means I am officially adulting - albeit not very well. Some things I can do it come the 19th November as a 21 year old: drink in America (of course), get a pilots license, adopt a child.. and that's about it unless I'm going to gamble in Iowa, get married in Mississippi and sell Marijuana in Colorado.

I'm going to miss Autumn when it goes but at least we all know it'll be back next year after a few months of vague summer.
Happy Autumn!
Em x

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