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Monday, 18 September 2017

A Big Announcement

Before the holidays I made a post about my summer goals.. Check it out here. I had one major goal this summer and its been ongoing for a while.. drumroll...

I actually passed my driving test.. It was shock to us all. After being 17 for almost 4 years now and a few attempts at trying to learn to drive I finally bit the bullet. I passed on my first attempt and with only one minor, which I honestly thought I'd never do! The hours lesson I had before my test was horrific, I was convinced I would fail, but turns out the examiner was super nice and friendly and obviously thought I could drive. Here's a few tips from the light at the other side of the learning tunnel:

1. Have a short lesson before the test: now this isn't everyone's preference but like I said it was horrific and that let me get all my bad driving and stress out the way so I could be the best on the actual thing.. Worked for me anyway.

2. Take a mock driving test: if the instructor doesn't mention it, let them know you'd like to do one. It helps to understand what will happen during the test and also how they mark it. It's a bit like learning the mark  scheme for an exam at school.

3. If you're not confident, make sure you pretend you are: the only way the examiner will pass you is if they think you can drive without causing an accident.. and if you look like a flustered mess who doesn't know what they're doing then they won't pass you. You may feel like that inside but don't let it show!

4. Be super friendly and nice to your examiner: because come on.. if they don't like you from the start they are less likely to pass you in my opinion. Come at them with a smile even if they look terrifying.

5. Watch some driving videos on YouTube: World Driving UK is a great channel, there's lots of videos that explain manoeuvres and other driving aspects in more detail than maybe my lessons would go into. There's even some mock driving tests on there which help because you'll remember what they did wrong (and hopefully you won't do it either).

6. And finally, think 'what does the examiner expect me to do': this is useful when coming up to a junction or roundabout or cyclist etc. usually the answer is mirrors, signal, manoeuvre, that'll be stuck in your head for the rest of eternity.

I honestly never thought I was going to pass and as I won't be getting a car till later this year after uni (no cars needed in London ha) I will need to go out and practice some more to remind myself how to drive.. But at least it's out of the way now and I can finally get one of those glorious pink licenses..

Happy driving!
Em x

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