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Friday, 23 June 2017

My Summer Goals

Welcome to Summer everyone, it's officially here for all of 3 days. The sun has finally started to come out in the UK, and in London we've been having temperatures up to 33°C - so as you can imagine like any self respecting British person does I have been complaining about the heat. OK, so luckily its cooling down a bit now and I guarantee by the time my last 4 weeks at uni are up we'll be back to rain and clouds. Enjoy the sun whilst you can and don't turn into a tomato (just to clarify, you are not too cool for suncream.. and yes, you do burn)
So this week as I continue to be jealous of those already on holidays I tend to think more about what I want to do this summer - which is mostly just doing nothing but I have some other ideas too. 

Number one on the top of my list is something I have procrastinated, hated and tried a couple of times to start again. That thing is driving. Lets face it, I am rubbish and I don't like it, but I've re-passed my theory test last week and booked lessons and my practical test for the summer so it looks like this is it now - fingers crossed ha. As it gets closer to graduation next year I started to realise I am definitely going to need a car if I'm going to get a job and I'm not staying in London. So, there was the decision to hit the nail on the head and just do it even if I don't like it and I will be bad - possibly the record to most times someone has stalled? Broom broom..

Number two is to earn and save as much money as possible - self explanatory really. I'm a poor student who lives in London and is about to pay for driving lessons, I need money. 

Number three of course is to blog more, by the end of July I will have much more time to sit and write and do other stuff, so even though its been a bit lacking the last couple of months there are exciting things to come and I have a lot planned for this!

Number four is to restart my couch to 5K app, its a great app if you ever want to get into running. For me personally on my bucket list is running a 5K (and then half marathon and marathon). The reason for doing this in summer is so I can focus on it and have time - whereas at uni there is virtually no time for this. We'll see how it goes..

Number five would have to be a compilation of all the other stuff I get up to during the summer. This usually includes but is not limited to: bonfires with friends, BBQs, nights out - both big and small, pub crawls, camping, more camping, hiking, sunbathing, holidaying and a lot of general relaxing before I begin dissertation, final placement and then finding a job...

Thanks for reading!
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Em x


  1. Hi Emily! I found your blog on "Blog Community"! No worries about driving, I didn't get my licence until last year despite needing one. But graduation and job hunts will force you to get one! Have a great summer! Followed on Instagram for updates and new blog posts, since I don't have a bloglovin account!

    1. Hiya! thanks for the confidence it's much needed! makes me feel better about not having one until now! thanks so much! Em

  2. Ooh these sound like great Summer goals! I hope your driving goes well, it's such a fab feeling when you pass! xxx


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