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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Where I Am and May's Music Picks

As everyone finishes their year at uni and starts thinking about the long summer they've got ahead, I'm entering the hardest part of my year. Some would think that these 8 weeks of placement that are left are easy for us student nurses, but in reality they are the most difficult to get through. Purely because of the fact we look on as everyone enjoys the sun and has time to relax and do things they love. It's hard but if you want to be a nurse you've got to get on with that.

Anyway, my point is I wish I had more time for blogging right now, as this blog gets more and more sluggish with the passing months. Sometimes you cannot do it all, but in 8 weeks, I will be free for another year and can focus on doing it all.. So I suppose stay tuned, and don't panic I haven't dissolved into a ball of mush.

In other news, it's almost June (tomorrow technically) and that means my May playlist has been given the run around about 1000 times and it's time to move onto a new month. If you didn't know already I do a monthly music playlist at the end of each month - simple as that I know. Have a listen to this mini playlist with the link below and think about all the sunny weather we've yet to enjoy.

1. Skin - Rag'n'Bone Man
Another song from the Rag'n'Bone man, if you get time, look up and read the lyrics.

2. Money For Nothing - Dire Straits
An old one but a good one, who doesn't love Dire Straits singing about microwave ovens.

3. Back in Black - AC/DC
Maybe a strange addition to this playlist but as I spent 2 weeks in the Isle of Man, where they're preparing for the TT (motorbike racing), and AC/DC are the soundtrack to bikers everywhere haha.

4. Dreaming of You - The Coral
You've probably heard this song before, but it's funky and I like it, therefore goes straight into my playlist ha.

5. Talking to You - Izzy Bizu
6. White Tiger - Izzy Bizu
Izzy Bizu is in the charts at the moment with Talking to You but I remembered that she had another song as well. Both are helping me through placement and will get me to summer, somehow.

7. Upside Down - Jack Johnson
Again, probably one of the most summery songs, its just happy.

8. Could It Be Another Change - The Samples
If you've never heard of The Samples, definitely check them out if you like that kind of music.

9. Don't Look Back In Anger - Oasis
This song has become the one the public sang after the Manchester attacks, so I feel it was fitting to add it here. There's nothing I can write that would make anything better, but showing solidarity not just in the UK but in all the attacks over seas as well is key to show these disgusting people that we aren't scared and they will not terrorise us. Be safe out there. 

Happy singing!
Em x
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