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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

London's Unusual Coffee Fixes

If you're like me, coffee is your saviour, you cannot function without it and often get slightly too excited by Christmas themed drinks... For me, iced coffee is my favourite. Winter or summer I will be drinking it, and after seeing some pictures of these weird looking and interesting coffee shops online, I decided to hunt down the most unusual and blog post worthy ones in London. Here's my round up:

Number 1 - The Attendant, Fitzrovia

Officially the weirdest place I've drank a coffee. It's based in an old Victorian toilet, no joke they have actually transformed this underground loo, urinals and all. It's quite a small space as you can imagine but works, each little table is surrounded by a urinal (haha), it was a little weird to think someone once peed where you are sitting but I got over it pretty quick, maybe too quickly. I got an iced mocha (shock), it was yum of course. It's quite an experience and it's a cute little cafe with nice brunchy foods, so definitely give it a go if you're in the area and want to drink coffee in a male toilet without looking crazy.

Number 2 - The Waterside Cafe

Now, my next coffee shop is located in Little Venice - an area of London near Paddington and Maida Vale with a bunch of canal boats. The Cafe is in one these boats and has a cute atmosphere about it. Around Little Venice there's also a Puppet Theatre Barge, which wasn't open when we visited but I think it's a good idea for kids, then there's a few picturesque bridges and just generally nice scenic boats. Walking round it's not like being in London, it feels like you've stepped into the countryside for a few hours. I'd recommend visiting here, if not for the unusual cafe boat but it's  nice area to explore and have a walk around.

Number 3 - Tide Tables Cafe, Richmond
This one is a relatively recent find in a converted arch underneath Richmond bridge this cute vegetarian/vegan cafe lies. The inside is rather small, but the true highlight of this cafe is sitting outside in the open with your feet hanging over the wall watching the many boats that come through. Just a little down the way is a boat stop for rides to Hampton Court Palace - a must in the summer. A beautiful spring day is perfect for coming here, as it's not too busy but warm enough to enjoy a hot drink watching the river go past - pure bliss.

Number 4 - Ziferblat, Old Street
The concept for this coffee shop is simple, everything is free except for the time you spend. So, by paying 5p for every minute you are there, you can get free coffee, snacks, cereal, anything you like really. It's like a big living room, full of books and games, sofas and armchairs and even records to play. There's only one in London, but this is a chain with loads across Europe - really creating a big community of people, working, playing relaxing, literally doing anything and everything, people even have meetings here. A must visit if you're on the lookout for coffee shops to do your work in.

If you get a chance, then have a visit to any one of these places, and even find your own because London has the weirdest and best coffee shops ever. Have some adventures at the same time, these cafes are based in some pretty interesting areas.

Happy exploring!

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  1. This is SO cool!! I am obsessed with coffees too. The underground loo coffee shop sounds so interesting haha. <3
    Going through all your blogs, they're amazing. :)
    I have my own too
    -Z :D


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