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Saturday, 4 March 2017

6 Albums You Need To Have On Record

As much as I like discovering new music and compiling my life into Spotify playlists, ever since I was little I've been surrounded by 'old' music. I can't specify a genre really, because from Pink Floyd to Sinatra to ACDC - my parents covered it all. When I was 17 I received my very own record player - it's a Turquoise Crosley Cruiser Turntable if you're interested, they've been around for a while and you can still buy them. For a relatively inexpensive player, it's wonderful and plays beautifully - plus being light and portable of all things. So, I've compiled a list of my top 6 albums that are a must have on record. Some of them are new, and some are from the old vinyl shops and car boots that we always end up in. Enjoy!

1. Pink Floyd - The Wall (1979)
The first album I recommend is The Wall by Pink Floyd. Yes, I'm hoping you've heard of them otherwise you've been living in a hole obviously. This is a double album which I'm always happy about because it means more music. Although this is the 11th album by Pink Floyd, in my opinion it's up there with the best, other great ones include Relics (because 'Emily' is on that one) and Wish You Were Here.

2. The Beatles - The Blue Album (1973)
Number two on my list is one of the first albums I ever got on record, again it's a double album so yay. The Beatles are classic, so to have a compilation album is a must because it means all the best in one place. My favourite song on this one is 'Here Comes The Sun', however 'Let it Be' and 'Hello, Goodbye' are runners up.

3. Fleetwood Mac (White Album) - Fleetwood Mac (1975)
Ah Fleetwood Mac, this is their self titled album - sometimes called the white album, although they do have another album that's white... Best songs to listen to on this are all of them, or if I have to pick then Rhiannon and Landslide are the most known ones. If you enjoy, you should go and check out their other albums!

4. The Kinks - Lola (1970)
I was so happy to find this record, and 'Lola' is my first pick for a baby name for a girl - so is my favourite song on this album. Personal favourite lyric is'where you drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry cola'. You might know 'You really got me' - that's a famous one as well, but my other favourite song on here is 'dedicated follower of fashion'  it just sounds so 70s. Don't get confused between The Kinks and The Kooks - major mistake that many people make, both bands are great though..

5. Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon (1973)
This is that album. That everyone has. It's on every 14 year old girls tshirt she bought from New Look last year cause she's going through that 'emo' phase. You know what I mean. For people who actually have listened to the album and like Pink Floyd, it is one of the greatest of all time - gorgeously spinny meoldies entwined with weird and psychedelic sounds. However, if you're not someone who likes a bit of a change and oddness you might not like this.

6. Dexys Midnight Runners - Too-Rye-Ay (1982)
It's difficult to say what my favourite album is, but this one is top 3 for definite. Dexys have amazing music, makes you want to slide into the 80s and live there forever. The only song you may know on this album is 'Come On Eileen' - that song that everyone got obsessed with in 2012 because Emma Watson danced to it in Perks of Being a Wallflower.

So there you go, that's my (very reduced) list of albums you need to have on record. Check them out, get yourself an education in good music! 
Happy listening!

Em x 
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  1. Pink Floyd Dark Side is such a classic staple!! :D

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

    1. I know right!! Glad someone else appreciates the art of good music!

      Em xx


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