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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Hunting for Deer in Richmond Park

It's Saturday, and it's snowing - my absolute favourite thing in the world, one of the only reasons you'd get me out of bed on a cold wet day. Even though it didn't settle what a perfect excuse to go and have an explore around Richmond Park. The greatest thing about this royal park is it's size, it's immensity means we come back again and again and to see different thing - and if you're a country gal like me you'll love it too.
This particular visit was to the Isabella Plantation, in winter it's just a bunch of ducks swimming amongst some empty trees - note to self go back in Summer when there's actual flowers ha. Richmond Park is also famous for it's wild deer. Now, I googled and it said there's between 300-350 - we saw a whole 4 of them, only 346 to go right? 
I managed to get a few photos of what it's all like in the winter - luckily you cannot see how cold it was! (Or the snow unfortunately).
Another one of my recommendations for where to go in London, if you're a country girl like me, Richmond Park is like a home away from home - mud, wildlife, trees. I'd love to know if you've ever been here or where your home away from home is?

Happy reading!
Em x
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