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Friday, 10 February 2017

Garnier Ultimate Blends Pop Up

A couple of weeks ago I saw an advert for Garnier's new pop up in Soho, naturally I wanted to go.. anything to do with new shampoos, braiding and blogging I am totally up for. I have been to many pop ups in my time in London and this one was certainly a favourite. It's all about the Garnier Ultimate Blends hair care range - hence the name 'The Blends Room' duh. If you're around in London and fancy some free (yes free) personalised shampoo and funky hair braiding then making your way over to Soho is a fabulous idea.

First things first, the range of shampoos they've got is quite spectacular - if you've got dry hair, flaky scalps, damaged hair, heck if you even have no hair I reckon there is a shampoo for it here.
I personally went for the new Maple blend shampoo which smells heavenly, we all know maple syrup and bacon on pancakes is Gods food, and if you've ever imagine showering in it.. this is as close as you get for it to be a normal thing to do. Garnier is also renowned for soft smooth silky hair - which I can say yes that's true.
Anyway, I think I will be buying more of these shampoos to try and see what suits me best cause as one of the ladies here said 'everyone deserves to have nice shampoo whatever the condition of their hair', and for someone with dry scalp horribleness then this is a nice change from those rubbish basic 'anti-dandruff/anti-dryness shampoos'.
Bonus note - you can pick whichever shampoo you've like and get a cute personalised pun printed on the bottle.

Second on the list was the Braid Station - carrying on with the hair theme. Self explanatory really, we got our hair braided, surprisingly well actually because some of these styles are difficult to do. I'm one of those people that always sees amazing braids on pinterest, tries to do them, and fails quite badly. I would love to be able to learn how to braid properly and do it on myself.

Finally, the reason I actually came to the Blends Room - a talk on blogging by Ella Gregory of Coco's Tea Party. Incredibly useful and was so lovely to be able to meet and talk to her, it's always good to hear other people's blogging experiences and how they did things - as this is only the start of this I love having advice and guidance from other people who know what they're talking about!

So, if you live in London and fancy a gander and some free gorgeous shampoos (!!), I totally recommend going down to Soho, but you'll have to be quick as its only here until 11th Feb. If not, take a look a their Ultimate Blends range and watch out for my favourite Maple blends shampoo!

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Em x
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