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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Education: It's a Weapon

‘Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world’ Nelson Mandela
Let's get one thing straight before I begin, I am the type of person who has always been very academic and very 'into' education (aka a nerd - I'll just admit it). My very good friend Meg of Project Castaway recently blogged about why she didn't go to uni. As her experiences are extremely different to mine I thought I'd explain my education experiences and why it's so important!

First of all, like I said I'm a nerd. Not naturally no, I honestly think it was partly genes (thanks mum and dad) and partly hard work. I went to a grammar school (if you don't know what that is it's just a school where you have to get a certain mark in a certain test to get in), these have been under a lot of scrutiny at the moment, but I'm going to continue to be bias and say that I think they're great for the most part. People say that grammar schools 'segregate' people and make people think they're better than everyone else - this is totally not true (apart from the fact I barely talked to a guy until I was 17).

Some positives of a school like mine:
a) you're kind of bred to do well in exams - anything less than an A was deemed 'satisfactory' so yes I did do well
b) from talking to other people about school experiences, it seems mine was quite mellow - no fights, not that much bullying, no class disturbances, it wasn't boring no - but we just got the work done.
c) I think being an all girls school helped - boys are rowdy and immature at that age (it's just science)
You might be thinking oh yeah this sounds great, good grades, the chilled life..

And so come the negatives:
1) it's an all girls school - you're basically illiterate in communicating with the opposite gender, and come on.. girls can be bitchy!!
2) the pressure - and oh gosh after leaving school I realised how much pressure we were put on to get good grades, do extracurricular things and just be amazing people all round.
3) occasionally I do feel like I missed out on some crazy stuff - I think I watched too much Waterloo Road when I was younger and I thought all schools were that insane
So yeah, I was definitely brought up to be an education kind of gal - which I'm totally fine with, I love learning new things, and naturally uni was the forward for me.

Now, here's where I want to explain that university is totally great for some people and for others it's like hell on a plate and just not for them - which is fine - you do you! Don't just go to university because that's was everyone else is doing, do something you love and want to do. For me, wanting to be a Paediatric Nurse, I had to go to university - some courses especially ones in healthcare you need this qualification. But some other courses.. I just don't understand, like are you going to uni because you think that's 'normal' or that you want to write hundreds of essays about the history of art in 1702?

Why I chose university or university chose me:
1) Like I said - I cannot be a nurse without university (and now the government are ruining it all scrapping the NHS Bursary damn)
2) I think education is great - I love learning - I'm a nerd yes, it's just my thing, you can laugh I don't care
3) University was always on my radar - meeting new people, and more importantly experiencing London (a totally different place to my hometown) was the top of my list.

Education is so important - whether you finished at 16 (or 18 now), a basis of knowledge about the world and having awareness can help fix so many things - in your own and life and the wider context. And remember - if you go to university or not, each experience is as valuable as each other. If you're being educated or you educate other people, we need that nowadays - especially since Trump is around!

Let me know if you're going to university or if not! Hope this post and my lovely friend Meg's post may have given you an insight into our experiences.

Happy reading!
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  1. I can honestly relate!! This whole post is me af! I loved this so much, as I was reading through I was there like 'me', 'me', 'me!'! I'm in Year 11 now. Although, my school used to be a girls grammar school, we still have all the same 'traits' as before! xo

    Israt x


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