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Monday, 6 February 2017

A Weekend At Home

Sometimes we all just need to take a break from reality especially uni, and go home. For me this is Cheltenham - I think it's great to be honest, some people would say otherwise, but home is home and there's nothing better than that. So from London to Cheltenham I had Friday night until Monday night and I was certain to make the most of being home. Brunching, relaxing, all the things. And what better way to document my weekend than in a blog post.

Saturday I spent the day in Hereford, about an hour away from where I live. The weather was surprisingly nice for February. It's very quaint, very old city, we just wandered around looking in shops and then went for food at Zizzi's which I am in love with their rustic pizzas, they are sooo good mm. I took a few photos, especially of the cathedral looking over the river because it was beautiful.
Sunday morning, I got up extra early which is not something I usually do to go to one of my favourite places - Boston Tea Party. If you've never heard of it before then have you been living in a hole. It's brunch heaven, full of the most delicious breakfast and lunch treats - literally the definition of brunch. Like usual I went for the scotch pancakes with compote and yoghurt which is my favourite and a raspberry and mango smoothie because I wasn't feeling the milkshakes or iced coffees that weirdly have avocado in - but as they say to 'trust them' cause they do taste nice. If you've never been then find yourself a BTP and go eat!

One of my favourite things to do whilst I'm home is climb to the top of some of the hills. Cheltenham is notoriously surrounded by all these gorgeous hills on the edge of the Cotswolds - you can get some amazing views and we always love to struggle up to the top (because let's face it exercise is not my strong point) and sit, watch the sunset and all that stuff. I love to do this not only for the views but because of the difference between here and London. It's so calming and being an outdoors country person this is one of my favourite places in the world to come. So sit back and enjoy some of these pictures from the highest place in my hometown.

Just a small glimpse into my weekend back home and what I got up to, watch out for more posts to come this week.

Happy reading!
Em x
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  1. Wow, those views are stunning!

    Allie |

    1. They are gorgeous right! You wouldn't think a little town could be that bright!
      Love your blog, I had a look!
      Thanks for reading xx


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