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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Introducing: Monthly Music Picks

I'm one of those people who finds it difficult to listen to albums and I generally stick to playlists. This is because I find you get different playlists for different moods, in particular if I'm revising or sleeping or getting ready for going out I have playlists for all occasions. I use Spotify for all my music - students get half price subscriptions so it's only £4.99 a month and god is it worth it! Definitely worth getting, especially if you're a student, it's got me through all of my exams, theory and getting up early for 12 hour shifts.

So, I'm choosing a bunch of songs a month that I've listened to for the whole month (without getting bored) and I think you should check out. It's also kind of fun to see how my music taste changes throughout the year, and I'm also that kind of person that attaches songs to different times in my life - for example 'Ain't no mountain high enough' is my 2016 song because that's the song me and my friends played at midnight on NYE 2015 and 'Fireflies' by Owl City reminds me of my ski trip with school in 2010 (nostalgia right?). Hope you enjoy my monthly music picks!

1. Just One Of The Guys - Jeny Lewis
I found this on a playlist somewhere and the lyrics are just so relevant, since majority of my friends happen to be guys lol.

2. Bad Decisions - Two Door Cinema Club
Simple, this song is catchy and for good reasons.

3. Piece By Piece - The Hunna
I love The Hunna, seriously listen to their whole album cause although their songs aren't something I'd usually listen to, they're good for an upbeat mood.

4. Tongue Tied - Grouplove
This song gets me excited for summer, I am already dreaming of the holidays because my course is a killer, so this gives me some hope even though it's only 2 months in.

5. West End Kids - New Politics
6. Colour - Finish Ticket
Both of these I found on a playlist somewhere in the deep dark depths of Spotify.

7. Bonfire - The Hunna
Same reason as Piece by Piece, but I believe this one is more well known.

8. You & Me - Marc E Bassy
Think this was on the top 40 at some point last year.

9. Daughters - John Mayer
I've liked John Mayer for a long time, however Wave One - his new EP came out and I'm not too fussed about it and none of the songs really deserved to be on my list. So, I've reverted to my favourite JM song for this months picks.

10. Castle on the Hill - Ed Sheeran
11. Shape of You - Ed Sheeran
Here's where you think, 'seriously?, you're not bored of them yet?' and nope, not yet, but I'm sure that might happen soon...

12. Common Things - Little Comets
This song is off their new album Worhead, which I'm waiting to fully come onto Spotify even though I wish I had the money to buy a signed vinyl version like I did with their last album - poor student problems. Little Comets are one of my favourite bands, even better live - as I saw them in Bristol a couple years ago and then in Gloucester. Go listen to all their music - old and new because it's all great. Will be doing an entire blog post about them at some point so watch out for that.

13. Someone In The Crowd - La La Land
Like every other person in the western world I went to see La La Land this January, and listened to the soundtrack back to front. Now whilst everyone is going on about City of Stars, this song is my favourite - not too sure why, possibly because it's so musical theatrey and I love that. All the songs are good but this is my fav.

14. Lentil - Sia
On an old Sia album I discovered this song, the whole album is great but this is the one I fell in love with the most. Also, the album cover looks like it was done in paint and it's great.

15. Me and Your Mama - Childish Gambino
This album of Childish Gambino I actually like, I'm not a huge fan of rap/ talking fast or whatever but my boyfriend told me this album was different and he was right. So, I've been listening to this song all January, maybe cause it's the first one in the album or maybe cause I like it - who knows!

I've added the playlist in Spotify at the top of this page if you'd like to check it out or follow me. Let me know in the comments of any other songs I should be listening to.
Happy singing!

Em x
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