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Friday, 27 January 2017

Camping In A Tipi: Travelling Chronicles

I love adventure. As you have probably guessed, I like exploring new places, new things, seeing as much as I can in a short amount of time, and ticking things off my bucket list! I'm a pretty outdoorsy, country girl so I'm not afraid of dirt, bugs (if they're outside) and cooking off a campfire.
My boyfriend and I took a week away in the summer to do our usual 'camping' trip. This time we went a little more posh than our average tent and stayed in a bell tent (basically a tipi). This was at the Wild Boar Wood Campsite in West Sussex, somewhere I had never even thought of going on holiday - but turns out there's lots to do.
This particular campsite was awesome, the tents had everything we needed and I loved cooking on an open fire every day - good for if you know what you're doing. It's an Eco Camp, which means one thing - bucket showers. I mean, it sounds horrible, but in fact it was a highlight of the trip, totally exciting, sometimes freezing (depending on if you heated the water enough) and definitely an experience.
If this sounds like somewhere you'd enjoy I'd totally recommend, it's off grid, the tents have everything you could need including a mattress and the area is just gorgeously green, (plus, the people there are lovely!).

One day of our trip we decided to visit Brighton, we've never been before as it's incredibly far from our home so this was a perfect opportunity.
Being August, it was hot, like HOT. So in between sunbathing, swimming, eating ice creams and chips (stereotypical beach stuff) we explored the famous pier, played some arcade games and actually won stuff through getting tons of tickets on one game we were good at! We also walked to the old West Pier, and experienced the i360 - it's meant to be a 'vertical pier', a bit like the London Eye. It's scary and does look a little out of place but a must do if you ever go to Brighton, it's interesting to see the world from that height.

Now for an incredibly British old lady person thing to do whilst you're on holiday - go on a steam train. Bare with me cause it was super cool. We bought tickets for the Bluebell railway, proper little wooden tickets that you get the holes punched into. This particular day the '3rd class' passengers ie. us lol we're allowed in the 1st class carriages, so naturally we got an entire carriage to ourselves and continued to stick our heads out the windows looking at the fields and sunshine on the way, also passing our campsite on the way. The campsite actually has a little sliding window in the bucket shower so you can watch the train whilst you're naked. Made me chuckle to start with but it's cool I promise.

Finally, on an extremely hot day we took some of the walking routes they have at the campsite and went exploring. We walked through forest, rivers, fields, and through cute little villages - some with incredible house. Tom also got chased by a very ferocious duck that was protecting the ducklings - he didn't like his camera..

After escaping we had lunch in a pub and made our way back. Walking is always something I love to do and have a lot of energy for if it's surrounded by green and hot weather, especially if it's not up hill, and you get to see something exciting at the end. We walked around Lydford Gorge last year in Devon - this has some gorgeous and intriguing views.
If you get the chance to go to Wild Bear Wood Campsite - do! I definitely want to go back at some point, much recommended for people how love outdoors, camping and all things related.

Hope you enjoy reading about the various travels  I get up to!
Happy reading!

Em x

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Photos courtesy of Tom French
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