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Monday, 1 May 2017

Her Name Was April - Monthly Music Picks

Her Name Was April - Monthly Music Picks
Monday, 1 May 2017
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Ding dong. It's me. Hi. So a month has past since my last post. I have completed (mostly) all my exams and assignments for 2nd year, just one more essay left!
I mean don't get me wrong I still have 12 weeks of university and placements left, but for the most part I am done with second year haha. So back to regular blogging (we hope) - if you fancy reading about why student nurses make the worst bloggers read my day in the life of a student nurse.

As it's the 1st of May and continuing my monthly music picks, here my April listens and if you understand the reference in my playlist name - you are brilliant. (If not, you're still cool don't worry). This month was busy as hell, and we all know music is the only way to get through hell..

1. Pleaser - Wallows 
If you have Netflix, and you've not been living under a rock for a month then you'll know that 13 Reasons Why is a thing. That guy Clay Jensen? Yeah, the actor who plays him has a band. I know right, who knew ha? But this is a pretty good song (surprisingly)

2. Lust for Life - Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd 
 As a scroll through the charts, just to see if theres anything worth listening to more than once, I came across Lana Del Rey's new song. And I've never really been a fan to be honest, a few of my friends were obsessed with her in school and I couldn't stand her. I guess I've either gotten over my annoyance of her or this is a good song (you decide..)

Right, so the next 4 songs are on my playlist because my favourite musical went on it's 20th anniversary tour this year - RENT. And oh wow it was incredible. Even though I could have added the entire soundtrack I've picked my favourites (hard choices), which also seem to be the most dramatic ones haha. 

3. Seasons of Love - RENT 
4. I'll Cover You - RENT 
5. La Vie Boheme - RENT 
6. Take Me or Leave Me - RENT 

As I mentioned earlier, 13 Reasons Why came out on Netflix this month. It's intense but so so amazing, as with every other series I watched it all in a couple days - binge watching is key to the survival of students. And yes, Selena Gomez was producer of this, who would have guessed! Her version of Only You is creeeepy though.

7. Only You - Selena Gomez 
8. Into The Black - Chromatic 
9. Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division 
10. The Stand - The Alarm

A short playlist this month because of the intense month that I just had, but don't fear, highly exciting adventures to come in May. Follow me on Spotify with the link at the top if you like!
Happy singing!

Em x

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Friday, 31 March 2017

March Monthly Music Picks

March Monthly Music Picks
Friday, 31 March 2017
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Welcome back to my monthly music picks for March. Ed Sheeran released his album this month and I could have added every single song to this playlist.. so I'm impressed I manage to restrain myself. In the same way I could have added ALL the Beauty and the Beast songs because I'm more obsessed than I was when I was little. So I've only included my favourites off both of those albums. Enjoy!

1. Rhythm Inside - Calum Scott
Acoustically perfect for a chill evening or morning, or anytime.
2. Move - Saint Motel
You gotta listen to the whole album, it just makes me happy

3. On + Off - Maggie Rogers
Tom's been listening to this song for weeks.. so it's been included.

4. 19-2000 - Soulchild Remix - Gorillaz
Bringing back this classic once again.

5. It Ain't Me - Kygo and Selena Gomez
Very pop, and Selena Gomez reminds me of Wizards of Waverley Place.

6. The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song - The Flaming Lips
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

7. Sunday Morning - Maroon 5
I'm thinking of calling an SOS on this one because I've become reobsessed with this song.

Like I said earlier, I've added my 3 favourite songs from Beauty and the Beast(the new one), Gaston however is my absolute favourite one and Josh Gad just makes this. 
8. Gaston - Beauty and the Beast
9. Belle - Beauty and the Beast
10. Be Our Guest - Beauty and the Beast

Here we have my favourite 4 songs from Ed Sheeran, there's a bit of an Irish vibe going on here but we're gonna go with it. If you haven't listened to his album on repeat all month then who even are you - it's amazing, as usual it is Ed Sheeran so what do you expect.
11. Galway Girl - Ed Sheeran
12. What Do I Know? - Ed Sheeran
13. Bibia Be Ye Ye - Ed Sheeran
14. Nancy Mulligan - Ed Sheeran

I've added the playlist in Spotify at the top of this page if you'd like to check it out or follow me. Let me know in the comments of any other songs I should be listening to.
Happy singing!

Em x

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Friday, 24 March 2017

A Day In The Life Of A Student Nurse

A Day In The Life Of A Student Nurse
Friday, 24 March 2017
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As some of you may or may not know I am a student children's nurse. Lot's of people are not sure what goes into this course. Firstly, it's a degree and professional qualification. Student nurses balance theory and practical work, working 12 hour shifts and doing essays at the same time - it's difficult but worth it in the end. I thought I would give you a run down of a typical shift during the day - we work nights and weekends too, to give you an insight into our crazy lives... Enjoy!

5.30 am
It's still dark outside. The rest of your nursing housemates aren't on shift today so it's deadly quiet. Your alarm goes off and after not much sleep from your 12 hour shift yesterday you hesitantly get out of bed to start another long day. All the while dreaming of when you can get back into your cosy warm bed. That'll be in about 16 hours you think to yourself.
Dragging yourself to put on minimal makeup and roughly tie your hair up, you make sure you've got everything you need. Usually including uniform, lunch, sign off documents and most importantly pens! You scoff as much food at your body will allow at 6.00am and head out the door onto 2 buses (because it's the cheapest route), and travel an hour and 15 minutes to the hospital you've been allocated.

7.30 am
Arriving on the ward is strange. Most the patients are still asleep, sometimes there's a faint cry of a baby. The lights are off and you see the tired looking night staff wandering around. Handover from the night nurses starts at 7.30am, where you get a run down of all the patients on the ward and what needs doing today. You are allocated some patients with your mentor and as a second year are given 2-3 of your own to care for. For the next 12 hours you'll be their main port of communication with other doctors and nurses, as well as the reassuring and friendly voice that helps them when they need it most.

11.00 am
After a busy morning, of organising when medications, and observations and various other things need to be done you take a 15 minute break. Being a student is lucky because you can take breaks because you are supernumerary (extra to actual staff) whereas another staff nurse might have to eat on the go or not at all because she's got too much to do. After your break, you get back to writing the morning notes on each of your patients, making sure everything is written legibly and worrying that you may have forgot to mention something. Each time you go to write a sentence, a phone call, a worried parent or an emergency arises and you must see to it. 

15.00 pm
The afternoon has been extremely busy, your mentor has given you many things to do, including liaising with dietitians and speech therapists on the phone, even taking over some of their patients needs whilst they go on break, all the while keeping on top of the growing list of patient's needs and trying to learn as much as you can from everyone. But in the end once your jobs are done for now, you are allowed to go on your lunch for an hour. It feels odd, you can't stop thinking about what needs to be done after you return. What if something happens whilst I'm here and I'm out of the loop, you think. Then remembering you're only a student and the staff nurses are more than capable you can relax slightly.

18.00 pm
By 6pm, some of my patients have deteriorated, and some have improved. More calls to the doctors to urgently come and assess them. Patient's returning from operations need extra attention. Observations every 15 minutes means you barely have time to do anything else. Rushing around fetching water, clean linen, food and snacks, and tending to basic needs. Taking phone calls, when you mention you are a student nurse, they say they will only talk to a qualified or 'actual' nurse. Trying to find that 'actual' nurse is harder than it seems and you feel bad about interrupting them. You hope your mentor, who's been watching you all day and questioning you about theory you learnt months ago, doesn't hate you and will hopefully sign of your documents at the end of the day. You worry you are being 'annoying' asking questions and not knowing where or what a certain thing is. Before you know it, it's time to write the evening notes about how your patients were, which ones went home or got worse, what needs doing and what you got done. Before thinking about going home you hunt down your mentor to co-sign everything you've written and documented throughout the day, and finally they sign off your hours for today - 11.5 in total.

20.00 pm
Finally leaving the ward for the day, you think about everything that happened today. The good and the bad, and how you felt about certain things that had happened. How you were pushed to your limits but you know it's for a good reason. Sometimes leaving the ward you feel extremely happy because a certain nurse said you'd done a good job today and they thanked you. All you can think is, you did your best, your exhausted and your feet feel like falling off, and it was all worth it. Trying not to think about the 2 essays you need to complete you make your long journey home again, all to do it all again in 7 hours.

Hope you enjoyed that recount of what a day on shift is like for me, being a student nurse is difficult and stressful, but we still do it because in the end we want to care for people (specifically children in my case) when they are in such dire need of it, and no matter how tired and stressed nurses are, they will always look after you. #savetheNHS

Thanks for reading!
Em x 
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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

London's Unusual Coffee Fixes

London's Unusual Coffee Fixes
Wednesday, 15 March 2017
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If you're like me, coffee is your saviour, you cannot function without it and often get slightly too excited by Christmas themed drinks... For me, iced coffee is my favourite. Winter or summer I will be drinking it, and after seeing some pictures of these weird looking and interesting coffee shops online, I decided to hunt down the most unusual and blog post worthy ones in London. Here's my round up:

Number 1 - The Attendant, Fitzrovia

Officially the weirdest place I've drank a coffee. It's based in an old Victorian toilet, no joke they have actually transformed this underground loo, urinals and all. It's quite a small space as you can imagine but works, each little table is surrounded by a urinal (haha), it was a little weird to think someone once peed where you are sitting but I got over it pretty quick, maybe too quickly. I got an iced mocha (shock), it was yum of course. It's quite an experience and it's a cute little cafe with nice brunchy foods, so definitely give it a go if you're in the area and want to drink coffee in a male toilet without looking crazy.

Number 2 - The Waterside Cafe

Now, my next coffee shop is located in Little Venice - an area of London near Paddington and Maida Vale with a bunch of canal boats. The Cafe is in one these boats and has a cute atmosphere about it. Around Little Venice there's also a Puppet Theatre Barge, which wasn't open when we visited but I think it's a good idea for kids, then there's a few picturesque bridges and just generally nice scenic boats. Walking round it's not like being in London, it feels like you've stepped into the countryside for a few hours. I'd recommend visiting here, if not for the unusual cafe boat but it's  nice area to explore and have a walk around.

Number 3 - Tide Tables Cafe, Richmond
This one is a relatively recent find in a converted arch underneath Richmond bridge this cute vegetarian/vegan cafe lies. The inside is rather small, but the true highlight of this cafe is sitting outside in the open with your feet hanging over the wall watching the many boats that come through. Just a little down the way is a boat stop for rides to Hampton Court Palace - a must in the summer. A beautiful spring day is perfect for coming here, as it's not too busy but warm enough to enjoy a hot drink watching the river go past - pure bliss.

Number 4 - Ziferblat, Old Street
The concept for this coffee shop is simple, everything is free except for the time you spend. So, by paying 5p for every minute you are there, you can get free coffee, snacks, cereal, anything you like really. It's like a big living room, full of books and games, sofas and armchairs and even records to play. There's only one in London, but this is a chain with loads across Europe - really creating a big community of people, working, playing relaxing, literally doing anything and everything, people even have meetings here. A must visit if you're on the lookout for coffee shops to do your work in.

If you get a chance, then have a visit to any one of these places, and even find your own because London has the weirdest and best coffee shops ever. Have some adventures at the same time, these cafes are based in some pretty interesting areas.

Happy exploring!

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Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Soap That Saved My Skin

The Soap That Saved My Skin
Thursday, 9 March 2017
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Ok, that title sounds dramatic, but seriously it's true. Throughout the years of about 12-17 I had quite bad acne. I wouldn't say the worst because I know people and have seen worse, but it was bad enough for me to hate it more than anything, and trying to cover it up with make up was such a chore. For the record, I don't have amazingly clear skin now, not many people do unless you're blessed with it, have a lot of money or are a model - no, my skin has patches of scars and gets the occasional spot. But overall it's SO much better than it was a few years ago and I am SO happy about that haha.

I you're like me, or were, you've probably tried every brand, every type of face wash, scrub, cream, oil, strips etc etc, and if you're really like me you tried everything they offered under prescription - creams, topicals, antibiotic pills, contraceptive pills, until it got to that dreaded 'Accutane'. It's at this option when I refused (the side effects are horrendous) - it's like the last port of call for acne sufferers. So, I started googling (as always) and after lots of searching came across something called African Black Soap. I found the cheapest one (they're all the same) and thought I would try it - and here I am now. I am here to rant about this soap because the majority of people should have it and I'm going to tell you why!

This particular brand is called 'Dudu Osun' and can be bought in many places, but personally I buy mine off Amazon. As I said earlier this is the cheapest brand I've found but other ones are available. You can buy 4 bars for £4.75, that's just over a £1 each. This is one of the top reasons I love this soap so much, because it works and I don't spend £100 on skincare every month for the top ranges - and as a poor student this is great!

Let me tell you what's actually IN the soap (because it's all natural, no weird chemicals with x's and z's in) and what it's good for. So, this soap contains: pure honey, shea butter, osun (camwood - which is a tree), palmkernal oil, cocoa pod ash (an antioxidant), palm bunch ash, glycerine, aloe vera, lime and lemon juice. With all these natural ingredients it can help with: acne, eczema, freckles, dark spots and even premature face lines and wrinkles. Sounds good right? For me, it helped clear my skin and prevent spots occurring, with the honey and lemon juice being natural lighteners it reduces the look of those red scars I've got.

I mentioned that the majority of people can use this soap, if you have very dry skin on your face, this soap is possibly not right for you unless you moisturise often - because of the nature of the soap it has drying ingredients and so you should be careful about this. But, that saying you can usually fix this with a good moisturising routine and using a black soap like this one that contains shea butter. But overall, this soap can be used for most skin conditions I mentioned and even insect bites, dandruff and stretch marks. Worth giving a go right?

As a side note about my other skincare products, I've got my facial cleansing brush - this is the 'Formula Daily Advanced' brush. I'd recommend grabbing yourself one of these - more are available in varying prices. It works so well, it gets deeper into your pores than your fingers could ever do and makes your face just feel so clean and lovely. In conjunction with African black soap they make a great pair, helping to keep my skin out of terrible acne once again. A couple of warning about using cleansing brushes - be careful not to use in one area for more than 30 seconds so you don't over exfoliate, and make sure you clean the brush well and replace the head after a couple of months otherwise you'll be cleaning your face with bacteria mmm.
Here's a few others that also have great reviews: 
Clarisonic brush range - these have lots of choice, but with a heavy price tag from £125 to £200.
No7 Skin Cleansing Brush - similar to the Formula one at £24.95
Superdrug Facial Massage Brush - this isn't electronic, but if you're short on cash and would like to try a cleansing brush, this is a good start at £2.99 you can't go wrong.
Pixnor 7-in-1 Facial Brush - at a middle price of £13.99, this one come with 7 different heads to exfoliate, cleanse, and massage.

I hope this was helpful for you! I just like to tell anyone and everyone about how much I love these two skincare products and how inexpensive they can be. Let me know if any of you check these out and how it goes. 

Thanks for reading,
P.S this post isn't sponsered by anything - it's just me ranting about my fav things lol
Em x
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Saturday, 4 March 2017

6 Albums You Need To Have On Record

6 Albums You Need To Have On Record
Saturday, 4 March 2017
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As much as I like discovering new music and compiling my life into Spotify playlists, ever since I was little I've been surrounded by 'old' music. I can't specify a genre really, because from Pink Floyd to Sinatra to ACDC - my parents covered it all. When I was 17 I received my very own record player - it's a Turquoise Crosley Cruiser Turntable if you're interested, they've been around for a while and you can still buy them. For a relatively inexpensive player, it's wonderful and plays beautifully - plus being light and portable of all things. So, I've compiled a list of my top 6 albums that are a must have on record. Some of them are new, and some are from the old vinyl shops and car boots that we always end up in. Enjoy!

1. Pink Floyd - The Wall (1979)
The first album I recommend is The Wall by Pink Floyd. Yes, I'm hoping you've heard of them otherwise you've been living in a hole obviously. This is a double album which I'm always happy about because it means more music. Although this is the 11th album by Pink Floyd, in my opinion it's up there with the best, other great ones include Relics (because 'Emily' is on that one) and Wish You Were Here.

2. The Beatles - The Blue Album (1973)
Number two on my list is one of the first albums I ever got on record, again it's a double album so yay. The Beatles are classic, so to have a compilation album is a must because it means all the best in one place. My favourite song on this one is 'Here Comes The Sun', however 'Let it Be' and 'Hello, Goodbye' are runners up.

3. Fleetwood Mac (White Album) - Fleetwood Mac (1975)
Ah Fleetwood Mac, this is their self titled album - sometimes called the white album, although they do have another album that's white... Best songs to listen to on this are all of them, or if I have to pick then Rhiannon and Landslide are the most known ones. If you enjoy, you should go and check out their other albums!

4. The Kinks - Lola (1970)
I was so happy to find this record, and 'Lola' is my first pick for a baby name for a girl - so is my favourite song on this album. Personal favourite lyric is'where you drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry cola'. You might know 'You really got me' - that's a famous one as well, but my other favourite song on here is 'dedicated follower of fashion'  it just sounds so 70s. Don't get confused between The Kinks and The Kooks - major mistake that many people make, both bands are great though..

5. Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon (1973)
This is that album. That everyone has. It's on every 14 year old girls tshirt she bought from New Look last year cause she's going through that 'emo' phase. You know what I mean. For people who actually have listened to the album and like Pink Floyd, it is one of the greatest of all time - gorgeously spinny meoldies entwined with weird and psychedelic sounds. However, if you're not someone who likes a bit of a change and oddness you might not like this.

6. Dexys Midnight Runners - Too-Rye-Ay (1982)
It's difficult to say what my favourite album is, but this one is top 3 for definite. Dexys have amazing music, makes you want to slide into the 80s and live there forever. The only song you may know on this album is 'Come On Eileen' - that song that everyone got obsessed with in 2012 because Emma Watson danced to it in Perks of Being a Wallflower.

So there you go, that's my (very reduced) list of albums you need to have on record. Check them out, get yourself an education in good music! 
Happy listening!

Em x 
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Thursday, 2 March 2017

February's Monthly Music Picks

February's Monthly Music Picks
Thursday, 2 March 2017
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Back for another month - my music picks for February. Consisting of a bunch of songs I added to this playlist this month, I admit some are a bit random, but all for the sake of discovering new and old music. Themed playlists to come in the future as well. This month's book is Looking For Alaska, I'm delving back into all my old John Green books that my younger self bought on impulse. Enjoy!

1. Revolution 1 - Rusty Clanton
Cover of a classssic Beatles song, I'd usually say no one can cover the Beatles well.. but this guy can.
2. Lonesome Street - Blur
If you don't like Blur then who are you, proper music done right.

3. Reflections - Misterwives
I love the chorus of this, so it had to come in the playlistt

4. Crazy Dream - Tom Misch and Loyle Carner
It's just catchy

5. State of Mind - Ady Suleiman
Also catchy, reminds me of music from like 2008 but with a modern twist (don't ask lol)

6. I Don't Wanna Live Forever - Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift
I haven't actually seen the new Fifty Shades film yet, and I probably will at somepoint but all my friends have been playing (and singing) this song so it has to be included haha.

7. How Would You Feel - Ed Sheeran
A new release from the ginger prince himself - it's a bit deeper than the last two releases.

8. (No One Knows Me) Like the Piano - Sampha
Gorgeously chill, kinda makes me want to sleep but in a good way.

9. Affection - Cigarettes After Sex
One of Tom's additions to this playlist, but I like it to so it makes the cutt

10. Crystal Blue Persuasion - Tommy James and The Shondells
It's old school and soulful, imagine it being played on vinyl.

11. She Burns - Foy Vance
Imagine you're in a forest somewhere sat on a log and Foy Vance is singing to you 

12. Never Be Lonely - The Feeling
Added because I refound this on a 'throwback thursday' playlist lol

13. Touch The Sky - Kanye West I'm not usually a Kanye fan, but I do like this song.

I've added the playlist in Spotify at the top of this page if you'd like to check it out or follow me. Let me know in the comments of any other songs I should be listening to.
Happy singing!

Em x
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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

It's World Thinking Day!

It's World Thinking Day!
Wednesday, 22 February 2017
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Happy World Thinking Day to all you lovely people! 
You might be thinking 'what on earth is that'. It's a WAGGGS thing (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) - celebrated since 1926, it's a day for international friendship, discussion about girls and women's issues, and fundraising for all Girl Guides and Girl Scouts over the world.
Girlguiding is something very dear to my heart and what better way to recall this than with a blog post. If you came here for gorgeous pictures and perfectly looking scenery then I shall apologise now, because obviously since Girlguiding has been a part of my life since I was 7 some of these pictures are taken on potatoes. 13 years is a heck of a long time to be a part of something, I've been part of the Girl Guides section for 10 years alone - firstly being a Guide myself, then a Young Leader (and Ranger as part of the Senior Section), then finally a Adult Leader which is what I am now. Or a 'younger leader' as my other leaders like to call us because we are 20/21 and well... they are not haha.

A rather confused Brownie (aka me)

But honestly, no matter how you're previous judgement about the Girlguiding community is, no one can convince me otherwise that I honestly had the best experience. Some units aren't as organised, fun, or interesting as the one I was a part of, which is why people look down on me and say 'oh guides was terrible'. Not mine, my leader is the most creative, interesting, passionate person about Guiding, her work, her family, everything and this purely is the reason why I had so many opportunities and why our unit had 50 people in at one time!
There is a kind of stigma against Girlguiding and Scouting, I've not quite got to the bottom of this, I think others believe it's weird or nerdy or something along those lines, which is why numbers dropped for a very long time. 

So, Girlguiding, let me just sum it up for you if you don't know. It's a charity for starters, we only operate for girls out of charitable donations, we fundraise and such too. Girls can join different units depending on their ages and basically - they can do anything.. Believe me, if you want somewhere to do canoeing, rock climbing, sports, camping, crafts and art, first aid, circus skills, this is the place. (There's even a chocolatier badge mmmm). 
I always recommend GG to everyone, it's a fantastic way to experience and learn new things, meet new people - all that la de da stuff. For me personally, I was one of very few people who stayed on through Brownies, Guides and Senior Section to become a leader. And even now I'm in London and have a crazy busy course I can always rely on my GG 'family' so to speak, to welcome me back :). I am truly proud to have this background because it's benefited me in so many ways, and has been the reason why I got into adventure and camping (as my parents aren't that way inclined). 

Just a brief post to summarise my entire childhood and now adulthood involvements in Girlguiding. 

Happy reading! More posts to come this week.

Em x 
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Saturday, 18 February 2017

15 Things To Do Before You Kick The Bucket

15 Things To Do Before You Kick The Bucket
Saturday, 18 February 2017
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 Whenever I see bucket lists, I always wonder why the 'bucket'? Do you need a bucket to complete all the things on the list? Do you pick what you want to do out of a bucket like picking out of a hat? Or does someone just really like buckets.. As any self respecting 21st century girl would do - I googled it.
The English idiom 'to kick the bucket' means 'to die' - and there you go, a pretty self explanatory way of explaining why bucket lists are things to do before you die, and now I know. And since we are on the topic here's mine.

1. Save a life - this might sound a little cliché, and I'm not trying to sound like a hero obviously but being a student nurse it's kind of in the job description at some point in my career..

2. See all 7 continents, all 7 wonders of the world and all 50 states - long shot, but travel, travel travel!

3. Make a giant slip and slide - they look incredible in my opinion

4. Get a tattoo - a small one (sorry mum!)

5. Run a half marathon, or a colour run or something to that effect - start off small right?

6. Stay in a tree house in a forest somewhere

7. Learn to drive - hopefully will achieve this in the summer, fingers crossed 

8. Learn to play the piano - I have a keyboard... the rest is easy right?

9. Donate blood often - because of my height I couldn't give blood until I was 20, so now I am, I will do it often as I can

10. Witness a White Christmas - snow is my favourite thing, so of course it's on my list

11. Get to 10,000 views on my blog

12. Get a job on a Paediatric Cardiology Unit - a childhood dream, if a lame one

13. Be a good cook - I've said this before.. I'm not great 

14. Own a horse or two - another childhood dream ofc has to be included here

15. Raise a lot of money for a charity - like GOSH or UNICEF

Some are big, some are small, all of them will happen hopefully! Let me know what's on your bucket list :)

Happy reading!
Em x
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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Education: It's a Weapon

Education: It's a Weapon
Tuesday, 14 February 2017
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‘Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world’ Nelson Mandela
Let's get one thing straight before I begin, I am the type of person who has always been very academic and very 'into' education (aka a nerd - I'll just admit it). My very good friend Meg of Project Castaway recently blogged about why she didn't go to uni. As her experiences are extremely different to mine I thought I'd explain my education experiences and why it's so important!

First of all, like I said I'm a nerd. Not naturally no, I honestly think it was partly genes (thanks mum and dad) and partly hard work. I went to a grammar school (if you don't know what that is it's just a school where you have to get a certain mark in a certain test to get in), these have been under a lot of scrutiny at the moment, but I'm going to continue to be bias and say that I think they're great for the most part. People say that grammar schools 'segregate' people and make people think they're better than everyone else - this is totally not true (apart from the fact I barely talked to a guy until I was 17).

Some positives of a school like mine:
a) you're kind of bred to do well in exams - anything less than an A was deemed 'satisfactory' so yes I did do well
b) from talking to other people about school experiences, it seems mine was quite mellow - no fights, not that much bullying, no class disturbances, it wasn't boring no - but we just got the work done.
c) I think being an all girls school helped - boys are rowdy and immature at that age (it's just science)
You might be thinking oh yeah this sounds great, good grades, the chilled life..

And so come the negatives:
1) it's an all girls school - you're basically illiterate in communicating with the opposite gender, and come on.. girls can be bitchy!!
2) the pressure - and oh gosh after leaving school I realised how much pressure we were put on to get good grades, do extracurricular things and just be amazing people all round.
3) occasionally I do feel like I missed out on some crazy stuff - I think I watched too much Waterloo Road when I was younger and I thought all schools were that insane
So yeah, I was definitely brought up to be an education kind of gal - which I'm totally fine with, I love learning new things, and naturally uni was the forward for me.

Now, here's where I want to explain that university is totally great for some people and for others it's like hell on a plate and just not for them - which is fine - you do you! Don't just go to university because that's was everyone else is doing, do something you love and want to do. For me, wanting to be a Paediatric Nurse, I had to go to university - some courses especially ones in healthcare you need this qualification. But some other courses.. I just don't understand, like are you going to uni because you think that's 'normal' or that you want to write hundreds of essays about the history of art in 1702?

Why I chose university or university chose me:
1) Like I said - I cannot be a nurse without university (and now the government are ruining it all scrapping the NHS Bursary damn)
2) I think education is great - I love learning - I'm a nerd yes, it's just my thing, you can laugh I don't care
3) University was always on my radar - meeting new people, and more importantly experiencing London (a totally different place to my hometown) was the top of my list.

Education is so important - whether you finished at 16 (or 18 now), a basis of knowledge about the world and having awareness can help fix so many things - in your own and life and the wider context. And remember - if you go to university or not, each experience is as valuable as each other. If you're being educated or you educate other people, we need that nowadays - especially since Trump is around!

Let me know if you're going to university or if not! Hope this post and my lovely friend Meg's post may have given you an insight into our experiences.

Happy reading!
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